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CNK Aerospace was established in 2004 as a detailed part manufacturing company.


CNK Aerospace is one of the top 5 machining subcontractor company of TAI delivering 20,000 + parts monthly with 99,5 delivery and 99,8 quality performance. In its Istanbul plant 3500sqm.


In 2016 we founded CNK Aerosturctural Assembly in Ankara 2500sqm plant in order to assemble detail parts for aircraft components, sub assemblies and integration  of aircraft systems. CNK is the first component subcontractorof TAI with A400M Hatch Door and Emergency Exit Door with 100% delivery and quality company. CNK has been growing as parallel to growing market needs and its strategic plans by investing human resources as well as its inventory. 

Managing Partner CNK Aerospace 

Arda Kaynar Manufacturing Engineering (BSc) Boston University 10+ years of experience in machining

Managing Partner CNK Aerostructural Assembly

Handan Özdemir Mechanical  Engineer (BSc) Middle East Tech     University 30+ years of experience in aerostructural assembly and aerostructural design

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