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With our 22 very well experienced Engineers we manage below actions.
We are looking for people who are passionate about our industry and committed to working together.



  • With our dynamic and highly skilled engineer team we are looking forward to create our own products in not only aerospace but also in different industries. Currently we are working with 2 different universities in such objective and applied for 3 different patents. We hope we will expand horizontally adding patented products into our company.

  • Continuos improvement Kaizen and Kanban solutions are essential for our competitiveness and growth with our monthly missions we deliver continuous improvement to our company


We design and manufacture our own tools. As a highly competitive company our objective is to manufacture a part in an optimized time. In order to do that we are spending much time on tool design and cutting strategies.

Organized Files
Organized Files


In our engineering team (apart from manufacturing engineering team) we are investigating all the requirements of a part and creating a work order. After finding out the requirements we start with tool design and decide the cutting strategies. We use CATIA and Siemens NX for CAD/CAM and check our program through complicated simulation programs. At the end we manufacture the part we deliver all the data to the manufacturing team.


In our complex ERP and MRP systems we are able to manage configuration system. All the data is stored in our servers as we receive the orders we combine with the right configuration and release related data.

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