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With growing market needs and improving technology we are investing on high tech equipment as well as on our valuable Human Resources.

Aluminum Factory
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  • Aluminum​​: 70% of our production is 7075 or 7050 aluminum. We are well equipped for high speed Al cutting with our machines 

    • Forged Aluminum: a very complicated and stressed contained material is also manufactured in high quantity in our company thanks to our skilled engineers

  • Titanium: 20% of our production is T6 series titanium. our experience is considerably growing and after 2018 we became a competitor manufacturing in titanium cutting world. we invested in stronger machine in order to get a bigger role in this field.

    • Forged Titanium:​ a very hard material which is challenging as cutting tools and engineering skills we managed manufacturing successfully and deliver monthly in high quantities

  • Other Exotic Materials: 10% of our production consists of 17-4 PH or similar exotic steel alloys we are very well equipped and experienced in cutting such materials.


We try to keep our machines as up tp date as possible iwith investing more and more every year.
In order to be competitive and repeatable we choose sophisticated machines from well known manufacturers with again sophisticated specifications. 
Our biggest part in 5ax machining is 6000 mm by 3000 mm

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