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since 2015 in our Ankara plant we deliver components for several air platforms

Aluminum Supplier
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In our engineering team (apart from the manufacturing engineering team), we investigate all the requirements of a part and create a work order. After finding the requirements, the process that starts with the fixture design is completed by planning the assembly operation. The components prepared by our manufacturing and business development engineers are prepared by CATIA, SIEMENS NX programs. Finally, we produce the part that we deliver all the data to the production team.
Thanks to our highly trained quality engineers, we aim for quality assurance system experience and continuous improvement for the aviation industry. With our planning engineers and project engineers, we use the ERP system for quality management, manufacturing and business development, material management and capacity planning.


2500 m2 assemble area
5 m2 Paint and Sealant Mixing Room with Ventilation and Temperature, Humidity Datalogger
Hand tools (Riveting, Drilling, Safety Wiring, Electrical Voltage/Continuity Tests, Sealant Application Gun, Various Rivet
Squeezers, Lock bolts and Hi-Lock Installation Guns)
20 Workbench 20 m2 Stock Area

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AS9100  quality management certificate system is applied.

Thanks to our highly trained quality engineers, Quality Assurance System Experience and continuous progress and correct configuration management are provided for the Aviation Industry.


  • System Entegration

  • Sub-Assembly

  • Component Assembly

    • Hatchdoor, Emergancey Exit Door​

  • Complex Assembly​

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